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Godus Roadmap – Where Are We Headed?

22cans has an iterative, suck-it-and-see  approach to Godus’ design, where new features are designed, implemented, improved and refined in sequence after extensive play testing. Whilst this practice may appear a bit over-adventurous and unstructured when exposed so openly with the nature of Steam Early Access, this is a legitimate development practice that has aided innovative designers such as Peter Molyneux throughout his entire career in creating bold, unique experiences.


With Godus, we’re focused on delivering a creative experience with intuitive, clean gameplay for both core and casual gamers that connects people together and provides a consistently surprising and ever-expanding tail-end of the game.

We really want players to treat Godus like a hobby, where they will be so proud of the results of their time spent in the game that players will want to show off the results to their friends, families and peers.


There is still a long way to go with the development of Godus. For those who felt that the game has yet to meet their satisfaction, let us reiterate that the average development cycle for a modern game can be between 2 and 4 years! Godus was released a shy 9 months into development on Steam via Early Access, far ahead of the average Kickstarter first-playable turnaround. So the build you can play today is still very much on the way to becoming a truly great PC game.

Currently, the team’s focus is on polishing the iOS version for a casual audience based off how that audience plays the game. It’s worth remembering that the first ten months of Godus’ development focused entirely on the PC version of the game and it’s only been in the last few months that we’ve given the mobile version the care and attention it deserves. Rest assured that our focus will return to the PC version at the end of summer/beginning of autumn.

03Below is a list of features we are looking forward to bringing to Godus, but even this does not reflect the entire scope of the game, which will evolve as we implement the following:

1. Production

Timeline v2

Maintain increased build release frequency
  • Updates to the Opt-In branch of Steam will be regularly delivered every week; updates to the Release branch will be delivered on a monthly basis.
  • Builds on the Opt-In branch may be unstable and require you to delete your existing save game; builds to the main branch will be more polished and include all the bug fixes and new features found in the previous Opt-in builds.

2. Introduction of Hubworld

In Hubworld, you will meet three other gods (i.e. players) in one of many connected provinces and help each other progress through the game by trading. Each player will start with their own new Settlement, unique to Hubworld, oriented towards their own point-of-view of the landscape.04

  • Hubworld will bring you to the Jupiter-sized planet we described in this video – What is GODUS?
  • Hubworld will bring Godus to 51% completion and mark the release of v2.1.
Near future – less than a month:05Meet new Gods
  • Hubworld will introduce the ability for Godus to connect players together.
  • Initially we will be connecting PC – > PC players and mobile – > mobile players.
  • Cross-platform implementation will come later (no ETA as yet) and allow trading between players of Godus, regardless of their platform of choice.
19Ability to trade with other cultures
  • The more you trade, the more you advance your own civilisation.
  • Trade is its own statistic – you don’t micromanage the trade of individual resources such as ore, wheat or population.
  • Trade is conducted by a new Follower class, the Merchant, who travels between your own Settlements and that of other players.
  • Leashing from your Settlement to another player’s Settlement will cause a Merchant to travel from one to the other and initiate trade.
18Simultaneous multiplayer sculpting
  • Players will be able to re-shape their Hubworld together in real-time, so as to remove any obstacles and create effective trade routes.
Simultaneous multiplayer discovery
  • Players will be able to discover hidden items secreted away around Hubworld that will further their individual and collective progress.
  • If any chests are found, their contents will be shared between players.
Medium term – +/- three months:
07Rise up through the ranks of Hubworld
  • Players will have the ability to progress up through successive Hubworld levels.
  • Each group of four gods earns the right to progress up a Hubworld level.
  • One god from each Hubworld will be voted up to the next Hubworld where they will meet three other gods, each drawn from different Hubworlds in the same way.
  • Gameplay changes dramatically between levels. For example, in a higher level Hubworld, each player’s Followers will trade blows in Gladiatorial-style combat.
Long term – further out:
CommunicationInter-God communication
  • It is our aim for players to use Hubworld as a tool enabling them to communicate with each other in-game.

3. Gifts from God

Medium term – +/- three months:

Lovers_benchDue in version 2.1

Gifts help bring your civilisation to life
  • Players will be able to see Followers reacting to any Gifts you place in the world with appropriate responses.
  • Gifts will make your world more beautiful and personalised.
  • Examples include the Lovers Bench and the Maypole, both of which will increase the Happiness level of your Followers.
MaypoleGifts will improve the Happiness level of your Followers
  • Happiness is a new resource represented by a unique bar that reflects the emotional well-being of your Followers and will deplete over time, requiring you to continually improve the morale of your civilisation through Gifts.
  • Different happiness levels will lead to different unique behaviours from your followers.
  • Gifts are purchased with Belief.

104. Commandments

Medium term – +/- three months:
11 Determine the behaviour and morality of your Followers
  • Players will unlock cards as they progress through the game – some will be unlocked at set intervals and others will be unlocked by specific actions triggered by the player.
  • Each Commandment card will instruct the player to make a choice that will have ramifications throughout the rest of the game.
  • These choices will affect how your Followers behave with each other and interact with the world.


5. New Voyages of Discovery

Medium term – +/- three months:
13New set of Voyages
  • Each new Voyage of Discovery will come with its own set of rewards.
  • Rewards for new Voyages will include new and rare stickers, cards, Gifts and unique items (e.g. new Followers).
Deliver additional new Voyages more frequently
  • Our current goal is to ramp up to the point where we are releasing one brand new Voyage per week.
Long term – further out:06Multiplayer Voyages of Discovery
  • Players from different Homeworlds will be able to compete with each other for rewards.

6. Imperial Age

14Medium term – +/- three months:

Targeting delivery for v2.1.

Civilise your Followers
  • The Imperial Age will see your settlements evolve into fully fledged towns.
Expand your influence
  • Followers in this Age will want to be expansionists and explore the world.
Improved Settlement mechanics
  • Settlements in the Imperial Age will be expanded and allow players to see the boundaries of Settlements before they are placed in the world.
Reach new heights in Hubworld
  • This Age will also include next level of Hubworld.

7. Lots and Lots of Additional Features

15Long term – work will start at end of summer/beginning of autumn:
  • Wildlife – Reintroduce wildlife to the game, including wolves.
  • Fishing – Introduce fish to the world and fishing as an activity Followers carry out by themselves.
  • New settlements – Introduce new types of settlements that reflect the Age the player has reached in-game.
  • Encourage beautiful landscapes – Further incentivise players to create beautiful landscapes using Belief as a reward.
  • World events – These occur server-side and impact everybody playing Godus. For example, a great flood that would affect everyone’s Homeworlds.
  • New mechanics for Hubworld – Implement a new competitive and/or co-operative game mechanics for each level of Hubworld, as players work their way up the levels to ultimately challenge the God of Gods!
  • Battles – Rework and re-implement multiplayer battles.
  • New God powers – Introduce powerful and spectacular God powers, including the mighty meteor!
  • Story mode – Revisit the single-player story mode and move it forwards into Godus 2.0.
  • Refine PC User Interface – Take a second look at the GUI for PC and see where improvements can be made for mouse-and-keyboard driven gameplay.
  • Improve PC user experience – Refine existing design decisions and uniquely improve the PC version of Godus to create deeper and strategic gameplay. 16

A question for the community

As you can see, we’ve no small amount of work ahead of us in the weeks and months to come (and that’s just for 2014!). As such, we’d appreciate your input on the order in which we focus on a couple of features.

Multiplayer Battles vs New God Powers:
Would you prefer us to focus on reintroducing multiplayer battles before we implement a new God power, or would you prefer the new God power first?

17Please speak up on the Steam discussion forum and let us know on which of the two features you’d like us to focus on first and – much like a dutiful Follower – thy will be done!

– 22cans