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Sculpt every inch of an entirely mouldable world in the most delightful way unlike anything you have ever felt before. Every land is uniquely customisable


Nurture and grow a civilisation of reactive, living followers who worship you as a god. Lead them on an epic journey through history from the primitive age through to the space age.


Wield amazing god powers across your land of either beauty or destruction. Choose how to show your divine power whether that be by growing forests or launching meteors.


Spread your followers across vast uncharted lands until you meet the rest of the world. All lands in Godus are connected. Up to millions of gods and billions of civilisations.

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New Build! and New Video Update!

Another update of GODUS on steam heading your way! The team have been fixing hundreds of bugs and are continuing to do so thanks to your bug submissions so keep them coming!...

New GODUS trailer!

Anyone can be a god.

GODUS Beta v2.0 Update

Good things come to those who wait… Dear backers, Jack from 22cans here. Firstly, thank you for being so patient with us. We’re aware that we’ve been quiet for a long long...